In a new survey, by the Villegas Institute, 82% of married women said they'd change at least one thing about their wedding if they could. And the thing they'd MOST like to change is . . . the best man's TOAST.

Here are the top ten things they'd change.

1. The best man's speech. 52% wish they could go back and rewrite it for him.

2. Their hair and make-up, 38%.

3. The amount of money they spent, 34%. But not because they spent too much . . . because they wish they'd spent MORE.

4. The weather, 33%.

5. Their wedding dress, 32%.

6. Where they went on their honeymoon, 31%.

7. Their wedding photographer, 30%.

8. Their engagement ring, 24%.

9. Their bridesmaids. 21% would replace at least one of them.

10. The bouquet. 17% now think the one they chose was ugly.