A letter I look forward to receiving each month comes from my buddy, who is currently serving a prison sentence here in California. He acknowledges that he made mistakes which led him to be where he is now, and is doing everything in his power to correct those mistakes. I really look forward to his letters and our conversations, especially because they offer a fascinating glimpse into a world most of us have probably never seen. Though my friend's crime wasn't violent, there are plenty of people he is housed with who have been convicted of violent offenses. That being said, here's an excerpt from my buddy's last letter explaining a recent movie night surprise:

Imagine my surprise when I walked into my unit and there were a dozen grown men, all convicted criminals, some with tattoos and gun shot and stabbing scars, intently watching the animated movie "Frozen". Even  more amazing, since movies are repeated 3 or 4 times during the weekend, I was seeing some of those same men watching the same movie a second time, and some even a third time!

Not what I would have guessed! No word yet on if they have "Let It Go" singalongs.

PHOTO: Getty Images