The past few months have been tough for my mom. Her wife is preparing for a bone marrow transplant at UCSF, and while both of their spirits are as high as can be expected, I’m sure spending days on end in a hospital isn’t how either of them would choose to spend their summer. Luckily, my mom has the luxury of being able to leave sometimes - usually for a quick trip into the Haight to get a haircut (or an occasional glass of wine!). Over the weekend, though, a longer trip was in order. Had I known about it BEFORE hand, I would have absolutely made arrangements to get my mom where she needed to go… BUT, I’m sure you know how moms can be - THEY HATE ASKING FOR HELP!

Long story short, she had to get from UCSF down to Millbrae. A trip which, via public transportation, involves taking Muni to the Embarcadero station, and catching BART from their. If you’ve ever been to the Embardcadero station, you know how LONG those escalators are, right? Well, my mom is TERRIFIED of heights. So, there she is, standing at the base of a BART escalator… trying to come up with a game plan. She decided to flag down a younger couple because the guy was tall. She asked if it wouldn’t be too much trouble for her to ride between them up the escalator - because having a nice tall young man in front of her would block from view how high they were going. The couple was more than happy to assist, and they formed a sort of conga line - woman’s hands on my mom’s shoulders, mom’s hands on man’s shoulder - for the length of the escalator ride. Once at the top, they parted ways, my mom bought her BART ticket then had to find ANOTHER couple to help her get back DOWN the escalator to catch her train. Quite the ordeal!

As I heard mom recount her adventure, it was a mixed feeling of HORROR that she was out by herself on the streets of a big city asking strangers for help up an escalator and PRIDE that she was able to figure it all out on her own. Next time, just give me a call, mom!!! I’ll be more than happy to give you a ride.

PHOTO: Getty Images