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Cats VS Xmas trees! 4 MUST see videos...haaa!

Cats VS Xmas trees! 4 MUST see videos...haaa!
Posted December 18th, 2013 @ 11:16am

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Cat 'LOVER' or not...animals are just hilarious...I'm posting this to remind/show people...cats can be JUST as silly and crazy as dogs...including my girl Sasha...whom I'm SURE will have video fame SOMEDAY...(when I catch her) the meantime...ENJOY these funny ones...and MERRY XMAS!!!

Oskar...tree attacker #1...This cat proves that just because you can't see a Christmas tree, doesn't mean you can't destroy it. Oskar was born without fully formed eyeballs and has been blind since birth and is AWESOME!


A new furry Xmas tree TOP?? haa...Sesshomaru nearly reaches his destination, the very top of the Christmas tree, but then things go ... timber!


Oh Chloe...After getting tangled in wires, this cat learns the hard way that Christmas trees can be treacherous places. Score one for the she won't do that again ;0 ?? (she prob will)...


Big cats like Xmas TOO!...Every year, more than 100 unwanted Christmas trees become victims of "enrichment activities" at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla. The sanctuary's lions, tigers and leopards love the scent of the pines - and they love to destroy them even more...


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