Lisa Foxx

Lisa Foxx

BORN: July 28th, 1970 Fremont, CA

FAMILY: Dad...was an Oakland cop/Chief of Police in San chillin with wife Robyn in Richmond...Mom worked at Fremont Bank, then later for AT&T in Pleasanton...Now Mom-Loretta is a swingin single lady in Dublin & helps out at a GREAT little boutique 'Jaunty' on San Ramon Valley Blvd. in San Ramon a few days a week-stop by and say hi! My brother Joe worked at a bird car wash in Fremont, then put on bird shows at Great America & Pier, he's the 'Birdman of Las Vegas'! Google him ;) While going to school and doing college radio...I worked in restaurants in Fremont & San Jose before I was able to get my first real on-air job in radio! Now most of my family and high school friends reside in the East Bay...Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, Richmond, Oakland and dare I say GAULT ;0

MUSIC: Katy Perry, Coldplay, Goo Goo Dolls, Maroon 5, Pink, Thriving Ivory, Gwen Stefani & No Doubt, Foo Fighters, SEETHER, U2, Finger 11, Paramore, Matt White, Five For buddy John Mayer and more...I am still obsessed with some fun 'ol school bands like Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Fleetwood Mac, EW&F, the BeeGees, Journey & Steve Perry SOLO-rules, The Eagles, Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra and big hair 80's music! Bon Jovi, Poison & Rick Springfield anyone? And big ups to my Bay Area boys...Tupac, MC Hammer, Oaktown 357, Jocelyn Enriquez, Timmy T, Stevie B, LL Cool J...George Lopez, Third Eye Blind, Steve & my San Jo boys in Smashmouth-!

FIRST CONCERT: DON'T LAUGH...the Oak Ridge Boys at the Concord Pavillion in the 80's...I was going through my country phase! My first 'real' concert would be with my girls from AMERICAN HIGH...Wham! and the Pointer Sisters at the Oakland Coliseum!

SCHOOL: Awww-the ol' Fremont days...Warwick Elementary, Thornton Jr. High, American High Class of '88 baby! Ohlone Jr. College for dreams of transferring to SFSU were cut short by a fantastic job offer!!! I still wish I had finished and gotten more than an AA...

RADIO: KOHL College radio for a few years...then KWSS/SJ- doing call-out research, driving the van and passing out stickers! Internship at KOME/SJ-for a year...I learned SO MUCH! KDON/Salinas-my first REAL on-air job...Then I was able to get a job at my favorite station-HOT 97.7/San Jose...the best 2 1/2 years of my life! to the legendary 106 KMEL! Then to Star 98.7 in LA for 13 years...7 of them partnered with my best friend Ryan Seacrest...and now...the pleasure of being on K101!! I mean...Star 1013fm ;) YIPEEEEE!!! ;) I'm also on our sister station 104.3MYfm in LA...yes, a bit of a work a holic ;)

THINGS I LOVE: Taking LONG baths, making people laugh, giving back, animals, my mom's cooking, GOOD people, Italian & Mexican food! A great bottle of wine, hiking & powerwalking, people who earn it, being on the radio! driving with the top down on a sunny day, my cat Sasha ;)


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