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Do NOT do a lottery pool at work!!

Do NOT do a lottery pool at work!!
Posted August 7th, 2013 @ 11:05am

Ok...w/Powerball Lottery FEVER in FULL EFFECT...just a little reminder...I don't care if it's 'easier', you don't have time to go on your own OR you think they are your 'friends'...MONEY CAN CHANGE PEOPLE!!! Especially your co-workers...EVERY TIME a lottery jackpot gets this reminds me of a prank pulled on me by a radio station co-worker...YES, it was KEVIN'S idea that we all chip in and do a lottery pool at work years ago and HE WAS SOOOOOOOO NICE...he offered to go to the store and buy the tickets...awwwwwww THANKS KEV!!!  

UNTIL I found out...this EVIL MAN...went to the store and 6:45...bought the 'work pool' tickets...then stayed til after the drawing & the winning #'s were picked...THEN he bought a ticket for the FOLLOWING DRAWING AFTER 7pm, w/that nights winning #'s...still with me??? Yes...he came to work the next day and gave out the tickets...showing people we didn't win ;( EXCEPT FOR MY TICKET!!!!!!!!! I looked at the winning #'s and matched them w/the winning #'s...CLEARLY I THOUGHT I WON!!!!!!! for about 4 minutes...I ran around the radio station like a MANIAC..."Look at the #'s!!!!!! LOOK!!! is it REAL???!!!! DID I WIN?? I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!!!" thank God Seacrest was a REAL friend and couldn't take it...he said ' might want to check the DATE on the ticket'...and then the RAGE BEGAN!! Moral to the story...BUY YOUR OWN GOSH DARN LOTTERY TICKETS!!!! No one can be trusted...sorry, just saying...(ps I didn't talk to Kevin for 3 weeks and made him feel TERRIBLE!!!)

In are some of the MAAAAAANY lawsuits filed over the years...just to remind you how REAL it is...

Hairdressers Sue Co-Worker Over $9.5M Lottery Winnings...

Ohio Man Sues Co-Workers After $99M Lottery Win...(ABC News)

Five New Jersey construction workers are suing a longtime colleague and friend, accusing him of fraud because, they say, he cashed a $38.5 million winning lottery ticket that belonged to all of them...(NY Times)

Lakeland man who won a 30-million Florida Lotto jackpot sued by co-worker who says he stole ticket...

McDonald's employees sue co-worker, alleging lottery fraud...(Fox News)

Chicago Bakery Employees, Left Out Of Winning Lottery Pool, Sue Coworkers...(Huffinton Post)

Garden Grove man sues co-workers, cut out of $319million because he took a day off...(LA Times)

Man in group suing former N.J. co-worker over lottery winnings says he trusted defendant would share any winnings...

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