Dwayne Johnson has signed a deal to star in San Andreas, an upcoming earthquake 3 D disaster movie ;0 He’ll play a rescue-chopper pilot who treks across an earthquake-devastated California in search of his estranged daughter....New Line is estimating a July 2015 release date...BUT is this something us Californians NEED TO ENVISION ;0

Remember a few of these flicks that felt a little TOO REAL... 

How this EPIC video montage of the MOST dramatic scenes in these disaster flicks: #10. Independence Day - NYC Attack #9. Armageddon -- Paris Meteor Impact #8. 2012 -- Yellowstone Eruption #7. Armageddon -- NYC Meteor Shower #6. Knowing -- Solar Flare #5. The Day After Tomorrow -- NYC Flood #4. The Day After Tomorrow -- LA Tornadoes #3. Deep Impact -- Mega Tsunami #2. 2012 -- Mega Tsunami #1. 2012 -- LA Quake... ;0


Daniel Cortese http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXt1PKfRl9s