this is NOT a great holiday for I will do my best NOT to be a TOTAL 'Debbie Downer' but for those of who lost their father and or did not have great fathers, ones where were/are NON existant...those who were unkind, unprepared to be a Dad and then alive, busy and TOTALLY ABSENT from your life...its a tough day to see all these ridiculously MUSHY cards celebrating 'PERFECT DADS' and how amaaaaaaaaaazing there were/are...I literally broke down at Whole Foods while reading sappy Dad's day I will 'GET THRU THIS WEEKEND' and try to focus on my sweet friends who DO HAVE amaaaaaaaaazing Dad's, REAL Dads...Dads who were/are present and actually WANTED TO BE A DAD...I know a handful in my adult make me suuuuuuuper emotional to know those men exist in a great way...I cant imagine to know WHO I might be or how I would have turned out (haaa less bitter?) if my parents were a different set of dedicated, loving PLANNED parents WANTING a family...sooo ok...I'm tearing up...can we focus on something our favorite fake PERFECT TV DADS!!!!! ;) Hope YOU have a great Dad...if not...know that you are NOT alone...xoxo

Oh wait...let me be Debbie Downer for one more sec...good Dad or not, how does THIS movie NOT make you cry?? Oy the bond...I cant take it ;0