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A SHOCKING INCIDENT on last night's Drop Dead Diva ;0 If you're a BIG FAN like me...don't worry-I won't blow it for ya...but let's just say...I thought it was NOT COOL when a character ended up kissing her bff's RECENT EXBOYFRIEND on the show!!;0 I know there are A LOT of variables on this topic but ESPECIALLY when it's after a fairly recent break up...I just think EX's of your VERY CLOSE FRIENDS are OFF LIMITS...? RIGHT? Is it EVER OK? Have YOU done it? It went well or WORST decision EVER??? ;0  Photo: :: @DropDeadDiva on @lifetimetv premier w/ @lexmedlin @DJLisaFoxx @bermanjosh @amy_davidson #xo #teamjaneandgrayson #youstillruleowen #sohohouse

Fun pic's from last nights cast viewing party...above are my sweeeet friends...actress Amy Davidson, DDD Creator Josh Berman, mua, actor Lex Medlin aka Judge Owen on the show & my girl Tobi Lynn ;) Below is Tobi and hottie Jackson Hurst aka Gayson on the show...

 Photo: :: i'm on team #janegrayson. cc: @jaxhurst *season premier of @DropDeadDiva on @lifetimetv #xo #sohohouse