By Kathleen Perricone

A Great Big World‘s Chad Vaccarino has decided to finally “say something” about a medical issue he has been dealing with for years.

In a new video he posted on Monday, the singer-songwriter opens up about his multiple sclerosis diagnosis, which he learned of in 2007.

Just before that time, he explains, he was burning the candle at both ends studying for finals at New York University and “also partying like crazy.”

“All of that collectively came out as MS,” Chad says in the three-minute video. “It came out in the form of these symptoms. I was experiencing buckling of my legs, vertigo, tingling in my arms and legs.”

After the third doctor told him he had MS, he went on medication, but Chad adds that those injections made “the symptoms worse than the symptoms I was already experiencing.”

But after discovering Dr. Terry Wahl‘s approach to treating MS, and trying out a Paleo diet she suggested (no dairy or gluten, but lots of vegetables, nuts, and meat), he claims, “the symptoms I was experiencing vanished.”

For more from Chad, check out what he wrote here and download AGBW’s album, Is There Anybody Out There?, on iTunes.

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