Photo: Getty Images

By Monica Mendoza

So much success, and they’re not even in high school yet!

Unlocking the Truth, a heavy metal band from Brooklyn, N.Y., came together when friends Malcolm Brickhouse, 13, and Jarad Dawkins, 12, formed a band and asked their other childhood friend Alec Atkins, 13, to play bass even though he didn’t know how.

After learning to play and finding a sound together, the trio started busking in Times Square and Washington Square Park, where they were discovered by Eric Clapton‘s drummer Steve Jordan.

They have since played at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, Manhattan’s legendary Webster Hall, Coachella, and have even opened for Guns N’ Roses on their tour.

And now, they’ve landed a major record deal with Sony! The advance on their first record is set at $60,000, with a possible advance $350,000 for their second, according to the New York Daily News. Currently, they are performing on the road for Vans Warped Tour

Unlocking the Truth are even working on a book deal and a documentary. Meet the members in the video below:

But it’s not all play.

“School work comes first. If their school work is not done, they don’t play,” said Annette Jackson, Malcom’s mother and the group’s co-manager told the New York Daily News.

Looks like their still kids at heart, despite their true musical talent.