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Yeah... I'm addicted to Apple products. I'm THAT person. But this should be pretty exciting news to any smartphone user! It looks like the new iPhone 5C will FINALLY be more affordable to those of us on a budget starting at $99 for the 16G model and $199 for 32G. What's really cool is that you can get the iPhone 5C in five new colors: white, yellow, green, blue and red.


If you've got some extra cash to burn, go for the higher end iPhone 5S also announced today. It's made of aluminum and comes in gold, silver and slate grey. The coolest feature of this model is the Touch ID sensor which lets you unlock your phone with a scan of your finerprint! The 5S is supposed to be twice as fast as older iPhones.

 You can pre-order these phones (which I recommend) on September 13 or try your luck and buy in-store on the 20th. Current iPhone users will have iOS 7 software available to download on the 18th. What do you think? Will you be making the upgrade?