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When I saw this list by the Huffington Post called "Worst Holiday Gifts EVER" it reminded me of presents I've received in the past that were... memorable but not in the good way! I know, I know, it's the thought that counts, right? But getting a weird gift certainly makes for a funny memory.

On the list...
COUPONS (!?! Has this actually happened to anyone?)
Stationary (happened to me before)
Something "for you" but you know it's REALLY for them

The list also includes a lotion/soap kit. Oh my gosh, how many women can relate on this one!?!? I've gotten SO many of those. You start to wonder, is there something wrong with the way I SMELL??

Regifts that are obviously regifts are pretty bad, too. Once I received a box of chocolates that MUST have been at least 5 years old because when I opened them... Well, let's just say they were definitely decomposing already! Gross. Bad move.

What's the worst gift YOU'VE received?