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Here is a list that our listeners believe would have helped them out A LOT of they had known while they were young mothers:

Jessica -- Livermore CA 

“You’ll never get to go to the bathroom by yourself”

Aurora -- Richmond CA

“I would be paying for my sons long after there eighteen birthdays”

Karen -- Santa Clara
“Breast fed babies poop smells worst than adult poop”

Marie --Redwood city CA
“Wishes she would have filmed the birth of her child”

Tina -- Fremont CA
“Not everything is the same for every mother”

Roshni Santa Clara
“For me not to be as competitive and cherish the little moments with my kids”

Laurie -- Bayside CA
“It’s okay if I don’t get everything done”

Sam -- Benicia CA
“No one told me that I wasn’t going to get enough sleep”

Amapraro -- Daly City
“I wish they would have told me I couldn’t love another human being”


“I didn’t know that boys can get lice”

‘That I would have loved my children more as adults than babies"

-- @JackMoran123