If a company gave you $30,000 to sponsor your wedding...would you go for it? You'd have to wear their logos on your wedding dress, his tux, AND social network (tweet, hashtag, and FB) the company logo during your honeymoon.

A Florida couple is! In fact, it was THEIR idea! Courtney McKenzie and her fiancé were planning their wedding, and at 250 guests, they decided to throw in the towel and have a combined elopement-honeymoon trip in Thailand. McKenzie, a marketing professional, thought, "What if we get companies to sponsor our trip?"

So, they had a goal to raise $30,000. They contacted all their Instagram/FB/Twitter followers and offered their company's logo be plastered on her wedding dress, his tux, and throughout their honeymoon in exchange for money. So far....they've raised $15,000!

Would you do it? Click HERE to see their website!


Photo Courtesy of: Shutterstock