How's that New Year's resolution coming?  You know, the one you made to become a better cook?  Maybe it wasn't as easy as it sounded, maybe you're like me and you learn better "hands-on."  Dying to take a cooking class but you're too intimidated to cook in group and have no idea where to make it happen?  Sandy and I had a chance to check out the brand new Williams-Sonoma cooking school in Union Square and it might be just what you are looking for!

Let's face it, we all know Williams-Sonoma.  It was a concept born in the Bay and whether you shop there on a regular basis or (like me) flutter around the store while day-dreaming every chance you get, it has a tendency to feel like home (even if it's sometimes a dream home).  Their new cooking school at the Union Square location does not disappoint.  Sandy and I had a chance to preview it late last year. Check out this menu we got to prepare!



Jerusalem Artichoke Soup: I love cooking with ingredients that I've never seen or heard of before.  Jerusalem artichokes (also known as sunchokes) were just that. We learned how to make them into a super creamy, super sexy starter soup.  Want to learn how to do it JUST like they do it in the restaurants? You will!


Pan Fried Filet Of Salmon With Spinach And Watercress In A Wasabi Cream: Sounds super complicated, it isn't.  AND it's something you can knock out on a weeknight while trying to eat healty. Fish can be a mystery to some, learn how to make your salmon come out perfectly every time.


Pear Crumble: One of the things I'm guilty of is skipping dessert entirely simply because I don't trust my baking skills. I'll tell you there is nothing better than a nice warm crumble coming out of the oven with minumal effort and will show you how to make it happen.

The space is amazing, overlooking Union Square, perfect for group sessions or parties and filled with state of the art equipment.   Chefs Vlad and Aaron made it a great learning experience for both the seasoned home cook(me)and the veteran heat-and-eater(Sandy).  By the end of the class, we both had a full three-course dinner that we could be proud of.

Classes are filling up quickly and rates are super reasonable so for more info and to register, click here. Thanks to the ENTIRE team at Williams-Sonoma for making it such a FUN day. Enjoy! @itsmarcusd