Well, not really, but it sure feels nice fitting into smaller jeans. I've been working out with my trainer, Evan (below) since January and actually started taking my health/fitness more seriously within the last few weeks. It's a long story but basically it finally hit me that I no longer have an option to not take care of myself. If I want to be successful.....if I want to be sane....if I want to be happy....I have to start being accountable. Between Evan's training, my working out and using My Fitness Pal (and app for my phone) I'm already feeling a difference! Jeans are getting looser....yesterday I had to wear a belt! I felt so 80's.....

Also, here is my RIDICULOUSLY buff trainer, Evan. He's in a Body Building Competition THIS Saturday in San Francisco. Click HERE to read the details! I'm so proud of him- he's lost 60 pounds within the last 4 months completely focusing and dedicating his life to this process. Really shows what is possible when you buckle down and DO THE WORK! (We train at 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport in San Mateo)

And also.....this may upset him by including this pic but I am OBSESSED WITH THESE COOKIES!!! I have one a week after a crazy work-out. I work it into my calories and I DON'T EVEN CARE. Cookies make me happy. Period.


Are you on a fitness journey? I'll take any tips 'n tricks you got! Also if you have recommendations for a favorite work-out class as well.... I LOVE UJam and anything Bhangra. (A Northern-Punjabi dance, I take classes every Thursday in Berkeley!) Feel free to send feedback to Sandy@1013.com. OR, I'm on Instagram, Twitter and FB as well- @SandyStec

 Thanks for your support, and thanks for reading! <3