Carey Steacy, a female pilot for Canadian airliner WestJet, received a sexist note from a passenger while flying from Calgary to Victoria, B.C. earlier this week. It read,

"The Cockpit Of An Airliner Is No Place For A Woman...A Woman Being A Mother Is The Most Honor....I Wish Westjet Could Tell Me A Fair Lady Is At The Helm So I Can Book Another Flight!"

The passenger (who signed his name "David" on another napkin) also referenced a Bible verse.

Steacy shared this photo on her Facebook but has since taken it down. She told CTV Vancouver, "My first reaction was shock. I have to think that's very much not a common feeling among the general public."

“We are enormously proud of the professionalism, skills and expertise of our pilots, and we find this note very disappointing,” the airline said in a statement.

Check out the note below. What are your thoughts?