As you know, Marcus D. is going to be a dad soon. Like, VERY soon. Due date is July 31st!! Him and his wife are convinced she'll give birth early...quite a few people have suggested the "Preggo Pizza" from Skipolini's in Concord and Walnut Creek. (There's a few other locations too.) Has anyone tried this?

Photo Courtesy of: Getty Images

Word on the street is years ago, in 1981, a woman walked into Skipolini's DESPERATE to give birth after a trying pregnancy. She asked the manager to give her a pizza that would help her give birth soon. So, he created a 13-topping pizza with just about everything on it (six types of meat and tons of veggies) and HOURS later, she went into labor!

There's been hundreds of success stories since.....have you ever tried this? Any luck? DO TELL!