Saw the article online about comedians having psychotic personality traits. Initially, I laughed and said, "Yep. Sounds about right!" (I've been a stand-up comedian for 12 years.)

But then another part of me was bummed. Bummed because I'm SO TIRED of the default question being, "Oh, you're a comic? So what's wrong with you? What are you hiding?"

Why do we have to be "hiding" something? Or automatically defective? Life is NOTHING without finding the humor or lesson of what you're going through. We just have a public forum to do this. I'm tired of the "damaged goods" label when the flipside would be so much more powerful.

"Oh, you're a comic? Wow. You're brave. You have a gift. You are helping so many people heal."

But I guess that's not as funny.....
With one of the most BRILLIANT comedians on the planet, Will Durst. We'd just worked a week at the Punchline.
With Richard Lewis after working a weekend at Cobbs. This dude is eccentric as hell but kind and brilliant and I was honored to work with him.
- Sandy (@SandyStec)