I found this article online last night and thought it was perfect considering several things on this list bug the crap out of me! Are you guilty of any of these? Or know people who are? Here's the list.....Marcus D. and I have added a few of our own as well!

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The 9 Unwritten Rules of Facebook:

1) Post things friends want to see....like major life-updates.

2) Posts on religion, politics and your exercise regimen will lead to a few blocks.

3) Do NOT "like" your own posts

4) If you're going to FB stalk (and everyone's done it) do NOT "like" photos from years and years ago. It's a dead giveaway you're stalking.

5) The comments section is not a place to have a conversation

6) Keep your virtual PDA to a minimum

7) Don't post EVERY single selfie you ever take.

8) Don't put vague statuses like "Ugh today sucks so bad!" and then not explain it.

9) Don't overdo the invites! Especially for games like Candy Crush Saga and Farmville.

Marcus D.'s rule: Don't swear on Facebook! Anyone over the age of 20 shouldn't be doing this.

Sandy's rule: STOP PROMOTING YOURSELF AND YOUR EVENTS/PRODUCTS ON MY PAGE. That's why it's my page. I choose what I put on their and if you're upset I can't help promote you then we probably shouldn't be friends.....