NOTHING beats being a new Dad, I mean nothing. The look of absolute wonder on my baby's face makes all these things and more totally worth it.  She is perfect and I'm in love.
That being said, even with the birthing classes, CPR classes and "Baby 101" classes, here are a few things I didn't see coming…

5. Newborns have STRONG lungs.   

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than changing a diaper while a little one is screaming at you. 
4. When people tell you "the baby feeds every two hours" they really mean every hour.  

That's a few minutes to change a diaper, 40 minutes to feed, 20-30 minutes to pump and then a quick prayer that the baby will actually go down.
3. The power of SHHHHH…

Swaddle the baby, make that sound and rock back and forth, it's magic.
2. You can literally breastfeed ANYWHERE(and you probably will).
The wife and I ran some errands yesterday and ended up feeding in the most random places:

a. The courtyard at Sprout on Union Street
b. The back room at Perry's 
c. Vista Point off 280 just north of Redwood City
d. The parking structure at Stanford Shopping Center WELL after the mall closed. Apologies to Paul Blart.
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