Don't let the image below fool you- the video had us CRINGING!

In fact, I saw it on a friend's FB page (who's French) so I looked on Youtube for an English version and they were all LOCKED due to it's controversial nature. So majority of this video is in English, but with French subtitles.

Anyway, I couldn't make out the woman's name, but she apparently teaches seminars in Egypt/Europe about her controversial "baby yoga" practice. In the video, you can see her swinging her baby around at the ocean and on sides of streets, showing bystanders how the baby is "enjoying" it.

Am I the only one that cringes while watching this? Any moms out there who have or would try this? Would love to know your thoughts!! Btw, the English-version of this video is HERE- you have to sign in to watch it.



Image Courtesy of Shutterstock