I have waited SO long to share this with you!

 **Parents: We use the "B" word in this video!**

Truth be told, I have ALWAYS been a big Britney Spears fan. Occasionally, people will tell me I look like her. One time a little girl at a restaurant I was waitressing told me I looked like Britney Spears "from the neck up." (THANKS.)

Last year I was completely obsessed with her song, "Work B**ch." In fact, it was actually my anthem for a Vegas weekend I had planned to meet a guy. (It's always about a guy, isn't it?) So I worked out. I spray tanned. Did my hair. My nails. Had a crying breakdown in Victoria's Secret because I didn't feel sexy....but spent $300 anyway.

He never showed.

And though I did meet a bartender who said, in the heat of passion, "Omg....Susan....you're so amazing" (my name is Sandy) reality set in a few weeks later and I was sad. So I stopped working out, and started eating. My co-host, Marcus D., asked, "Why don't you sing "Work B**ch" like you used to?" I said, "Cause I'm not all hot and fit like I used to be. Maybe if it was called, "Snack B**ch" I'd be more into it."

And then, THE LIGHTBULB TURNED ON AND NEVER STOPPED. I hope you enjoy this. I put my heart and soul into it. I had SO MUCH FUN filming it. I am BEYOND grateful to my co-workers (many of them amazing radio personalities here in the Bay) for being a part of it. Thank you to my friends for listening, and encouraging me.

And Britney....thank you for being you. Let's have a snack, b**ch!