Okay, this was painful to watch!


We're sure he's a very bright student, but this certainly wasn't his day. Indiana University student Julian Batts lost $1 Million AND a trip to London on Wheel of Fortune as he mispronounced the word, "Achilles." The correct answer went to Texas A & M student Shelby, who won just over a thousand.

But that wasn't the end of Julian's embarrassing moves. On another puzzle, the majority of the letters were revealed and Julian guessed the "thing" incorrectly. His solution? "On-the-spot dicespin." The actual solution, which Shelby once again landed? "On-the-spot decision."

YIKES! Painful to watch...yet we couldn't stop watching. If you want the EXACT moments he flubbed, go to the 1:40, 4:35 and 5:30 marks.