Daily Bite: What It's Like To Be Rihanna's Chef

Ever wonder what it's like to be a personal chef to the stars? This is the story of Debbie Solomon who just happens to be the one that keeps Rihanna fueled up.  She tells the story of the audition: she didn't even know who she was cooking for until she got the job! Some other highlights:

1. She had never been a personal chef before and Rihanna had never had one so she admits she had NO idea what she was doing at first.

2. Rihanna is a "moody eater" and goes day-to-day so you can't prep a week's worth of food for her.

3. The internet was no help on prepping the dishes Ri-Ri loves so Debbie had to call on Rihanna's mom to teach her how to cook some of her daughter's favorites.

4. Debbie has all protiens delivered in advace to the hotel they are staying at and rolls with all the spices she needs in her kit.

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