Game 1 of the Finals is TONIGHT! #GoDubs

So here we are, back again for the 2017 NBA finals! Our home team takes on the Cleveland Cavaliers once again, and this time we are taking what is ours! I have a feeling that this series is going to be pretty dramatic! Will you be watching?

Full Finals Schedule

Game 1: Cleveland at Golden State - 6PM, Thursday, June 1 

Game 2: Cleveland at Golden State - 5PM, Sunday, June 4 

Game 3: Golden State at Cleveland - 6PM, Wednesday, June 7

Game 4: Golden State at Cleveland - 6PM, Friday, June 9

Game 5: Cleveland at Golden State - 6PM, Monday, June 12

Game 6: Golden State at Cleveland - 6PM,  Thursday, June 15

Game 7: Cleveland at Golden State - 5PM, Sunday, June 18

*All games on ABC.

Here are what some of the players had to say about how they plan to get that trophy!

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