What's Trending Friday 6/2/17

Lets just start right here. It's National Doughnut Day!! Want to know where you can get a free doughnut today? We've got you right here.

It's National Fish and Chips day in the UK and if you're looking for the best homemade fish sticks recipe, look no further.  Gordon Ramsay has it dialed in! Check out the video for the recipe below and then add my homemade and healthy tartar sauce.

Marcus Does Tartar Sauce

1 single serving Fage Greek Yogurt
4 sprigs dill, chopped
1/2 a dill pickle spear, diced
Pickle juice to taste

Combine the first three ingredients in a bowl with a spoon. Add pickle juice SLOWLY to taste.  It has plenty of salt and spices, so be careful.  Enjoy!

#MyChildhoodIn5Words is trending.  Here's mine:

Ananya Vinay is trending! This little girl from Clovis just became the national spelling be champion!!

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