Woman Sues Casino Who Offers Her Steak Dinner Instead Of Jackpot!

How mad would YOU be?? Katrina Bookman was playing the "Sphinx Slot Machine" at Resorts World Casino (Queens, New York) and all the sudden, it locked up and said she'd won $43 MILLION dollars!!She thought her life was forever changed....even took a picture with the machine- until casino workers had determined the machine "malfunctioned" and offered her a STEAK DINNER instead! 

Bookman said to CNN Money, "You can't claim a machine is broken because you want it to be broken. Does that mean it wasn't inspected? Does it mean it wasn't maintained? And if so, does that mean that people that played there before had zero chance of winning?" 

What would you do?? I'd have LOST MY MIND. In every way possible. Read more on the story here....

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter) 

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