MHS Graduate & San Rafael Pitcher Makes Baseball HISTORY!

I am so, SO proud of my friend Lou Evans!! I've known him since we went to Milpitas High School back in the DAY. (I graduated in '99, I think Lou graduated a year beforehand.) Anyway, I've been HONORED to watch his career skyrocket as an incredible singer......and last month, he made baseball history as he became the first starting pitcher in professional baseball to perform the National Anthem before taking the mound! (Video is below) 

I didn't realize his history as a talented baseball player goes way back as well! In 2001, he was drafted by the Florida Marlins, but had to leave because of an injury. That's when he started to focus on his music full-time, releasing an EP, All A Dream, in 2011; and a full-length album, Lost Then Found, in 2015. However this last July 2017- 12 years after leaving baseball- Lou came BACK and sang like a beast, AND threw out the first pitch. I am just so excited for everything he's doing!! (His social links are below) Don't forget tomorrow (Wednesday August 2nd) he's singing the National Anthem for the Giant's and A's!!!! 

-  Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Lou Evans on INSTAGRAM

Lou Evans on Twitter

Lou Evans on Facebook


Check out the first time he sang the National Anthem for the Giants in 2013!! GOOSEBUMPS!!! 

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