GOOD NEWS: Son Takes 76-Year-Old Mom On Bucket List Adventure!

This story is so sweet it brought tears my eyes! Growing up, Sian Pierre never felt grateful for his mom. They often struggled with money (she was a single mom) and this caused him to feel resentful. It wasn't until recently when his mom- Rebecca Danigelis- lost her job in hospitality and left him a voice-mail: "I got fired today. Just wanted to let you know. Call me."

Sian Pierre said, "That voice-mail is forever emblazoned in my mind. I started having conversations with her where she was like, "I don't want to wake up anymore. I have nothing to wake up for." He said, "And to hear your mom say that, it's soul-crushing."

He was already working on a completing a "bucket list" for his mom, but since losing her job, it took on a whole new meaning. Watch below as he helps her take a hip-hop dance class, join Instagram, milk a cow, take multiple roadtrips, and more! I am BEYOND inspired by this man and what he's doing for his mom. What an amazing symbol of love and gratitude!

- Sandy (@SandyStec on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) 

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