Marcus And Sandy Try....Cryotherapy! (VIDEO)

Every week, Marcus and I "try" something new. This week, it's cryotherapy! We recently went to CryoSF  and tried standing in a freezing cold chamber (-200 degrees) for 3 minutes. Why? Well, according to their website...

"Cryotherapy has many other benefits for sports recovery, skin, psoriasis, arthritis and multiple other issues that people might be facing. Whole body cryotherapy is a 100% safe and natural modality, where individuals have experienced a decrease in inflammation, increase cellular survival, reduced pain and simply feel their overall health has improved. During a cryotherapy session, blood rushes through the core as a counter effect to the skin surface reaching freezing temperatures. In turn, the natural effect increases oxygenation and nutrients with blood which can flush toxins, reduce inflammation and accelerate the body’s natural recovery."

We captured the entire experience in the video below. Enjoy! And special thank you to Afag from CryoSF for allowing us this fun (and freezing) experience!

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

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