Apple Debuts Three NEW iPhones!

Who is excited for the new iPhone release? We all use iPhones in the studio so we are pretty excited just not about the price LOL 

Apple will be debuting THREE new iPhones today... The 8, the 8+, and then the iPhone X!  Here are some details... 

The iPhone 8 will be unveiled today 9/12/17. Apple has sent out special invites to a launch event at the Steve Jobs Theatre on its new campus, where it's also expected to unveil the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. Apple will be live streaming the entire event if you want to check it out!

The price of the iPhone X is rumored to be $999 and up. (Looks like I won't be buying one). There are rumors that cell service providers will create plans to break up the cost but still that's high for a phone!

The new features will be awesome though... New cameras, better processors, a larger full screen, face ID, augmented reality, but here is video that explains in more detail:

You can read more HERE

We talk about the new iPhone coming out, how expensive it's going to be and the Apple exclusive event... 

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