Feel Pressured To Get Everything Done? Read This!

I saw this on a friend’s Instagram and thought it was SO important! We put so much pressure on ourselves all the time to do, do, DO. Produce. Perform. Post. Interact. Engage. Work. Hustle. Grind. 

For me, it works the OPPOSITE. Once I get some space from it all...where I can breathe...not check my phone...not feel pressured to be funny...not feel obliged to be socially active 24/7...it’s THEN when my natural essence comes out. It’s THEN when I feel like I’m “me” again. And it’s THEN when I feel like sharing because I’m INSPIRED. This usually involves nature, journaling/writing, a spa day, or general alone time. GOD BLESS ALONE TIME. I’ve overextended myself so much the last few months that the ONLY thing I’ve wanted to do is be home, alone in my house, cleaning. Or cooking. Or organizing. Or Exercising. Just getting into a healthy routine. Being busy can look cool on the outside, but if you’re not grounded, it all means nothing. I hope you take some time today to just....be. 😊



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