CHP shares emotional story about Atlas Fire rescue that shows true heroism!

There are some real heroes in the midst of all this devastation.   This CHP pilot gets emotional after father tells him to "take his family first".  It made me cry.  -Producer Jenna 

Steve Large CBS News wrote...

"The first rescue is one neither will forget.

'He ran up with his son,' Gavitte said.

It was a man with his elderly parents, wife, and 5-year-old son.

'He stayed behind,' Gavitte said.

In the midst of crisis, it was a powerful moment of selflessness.

'That's when it became real,' Lowe said.

And a father saying goodbye to his family.

'He said to take his family,' Gavitte said. 'We did. We told him we'd come back for him. He got out as well.'

'These are people who think they're never going to see their family again,' Lowe said. 'And at that point, to see the father put the family first, was touching. I have five kids, and that's the same decision I would have made. But I hope I never have to make that decision.' "


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