Guy Eats Dominos Pizza Every Day For A Year And STILL Loses Weight!

"The vast majority of nutritionists claim that, if you want to lose weight, fast food is among the first things you should cut from your diet, but one man recently proved that you can actually eat pizza every single day and still maintain a healthy figure."

Meet Brian Northrup, aka the “Lord of Pizza” who just wanted to prove you can eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight.    He says he worked out to offset all the calories and checked in with his doctor to keep up with his cholesterol and sodium which both checked out throughout the challenge. On the last day, he ate THREE medium pizzas (instead of just the one he had limited himself to daily) and still managed to be five pounds down when he got on the scale.

Side note from EVERYBODY on our show: it also helps if you have the metabolism of a 22-year-old bro, amirite,

Check out his full story here.

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