Marcus' Daily Bite: 8 Things You Are Probably Cooking WAY Too Fast...

Up until just a few years ago, I cooked EVERYTHING WAY too hot and fast.  My hash browns always burned, my scrambled eggs were always overcooked, and my spaghetti sauce just never felt...right.  Then I learned that slow and low can sometimes be the best recipe! 

Here are some things that a lot of us are just cooking way too fast!

  • GRILLED CHEESE: You know how you want to get the bread nice and crisp so you turn up the heat?  Chances are you end up with burnt bread and a block of cheese under there.  Turn it down to medium or medium low and let that cheese melt nice and easy! Let the butter work it's magic and the bread will get there.
  • SCRAMBLED EGGS: There is about a 30 second window between perfectly cooked eggs and "damn these taste like rubber."  Keep your heat on medium low and pull the eggs right when you're thinking "Nah...these aren't quite ready yet." Trust me.
  • SAUSAGES: The more you cook at once, the better off you are.  They tend to steam when they are in group which is great.  If you cook them too hot, you'll end up with burnt outsides and raw insides. Turn down the heat and be patient.  

Want to see what else we are cooking way too fast, click here! 

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