Internet Rushed To Defend Bully Victim, Then Discovers Truth About His Mom


The heartbreaking story of Keaton Jones took an odd twist on Monday, when reporters unearthed photos of the family posing with Confederate flags and disparaging posts about Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter on social media made by the young boy's mother. 

Over the weekend, Kimberly Jones uploaded a video of her son Keaton crying while talking about a daily torrent of abuse from his classmates. The video went viral, with celebrities like Chris Evans and Snoop Dogg defending him and offering to help out. He has been invited to movie screenings, offered basketball tickets and a GoFundMe page has raised over $55,000. 

But, as reporters started researching the family, they uncovered potentially troubling social media posts made by Kimberly. The posts feature the family prominently displaying the Confederate flag, and insulting Black Lives Matter:


After the posts when viral, Keaton apologized for his mother's posts and that he realizes she was wrong:


Kimberly has since deleted the original video and locked down her social media pages. 


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