Marcus: Too Lazy To Wash Dishes...Drinks Straight From The Bottle...

Sandy made me post this because she thought it was hysterical.  At the risk of looking like a gigantic alcoholic, here it is and here's what happened:

I have a three-year-old daughter and, like a lot of parents, like to enjoy a glass of wine after she goes to sleep.  I had done a lot of cooking that day and done a TON of dishes.  I walked into the kitchen after she fell asleep and was about to grab a glass for my wine when I suddenly couldn't bear the thought of washing another dish.  

Not. A. Single. One.

I put the glass back and just grabbed the bottle. Realizing there was about a glass of wine left in it, I just said "screw it, I'm going straight from the bottle."  

I'm pretty sure if my wife saw this camera footage, she would have thought I lost my mind.

Cheers to exhausted parents everywhere.

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