Marcus D.'s Daily Bite: Six Ways To Spike That Store-Bought EggNog

So the fam and I went out to the boat holiday light display in the Half Moon Bay Harbor last Friday.  In addition to amazing light displays on these boats, people were offering everything from carrot cake to cookies and crab dip.  I was passing one boat and a guy yelled out:

"Would you like some hot, buttered rum sir?" 

Don't mind if I do.  I was accepting my cup of hot buttery holiday goodness when the lady next to me declined saying: 

"I'm already drinking eggnog, what do I do?"

I took it as a teachable moment and told her just to drop the rum right in her eggnog.  She looked at me as if I had just thrown her holiday cheer into overdrive. Mission accomplished.

My mom used to throw brandy in eggnog and when I was old enough to partake, it was a life changer.  

Now I'm reading about adding THESE gems to my nog and my head is about to spin off in the best way:

  • Sherry or Whiskey (you had me at hello).
  • Spiced Syrup
  • Wait for it...Brown Butter Chestnut Syrup

Want to check out these next level pairings and learn how to change the game at your next holiday party?  Check them out!

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