Marcus & Sandy Talk To Craig Shoemaker! In SJ THS Weekend!

I absolutely love that I was able to perform with Craig Shoemaker 2 weeks ago, and he's already BACK in the Bay! He's got 5 shows at the San Jose Improv this weekend.....

Friday 12/15: 7:30pm and 9:45pm

Saturday 12/16: 7pm and 9:30pm

Sunday 12/17: 7pm

For tickets or 408-280-7475 (Box Office)

And, check out our interview with him below! He's so much fun to talk to.....we talked about the Spanish language, how Marcus and Craig BOTH have 3-year olds running their lives, famous exes, and more. And then GO SEE HIM at the Improv!!

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter) 

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