Some think this Sacramento mom of 3 is fat-shaming other moms

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What are your thoughts about this post? Does this motivate you or discourage you? 

Share/Tag a friend that needs this message: After you address your Excuse, you need to find your Reason. 5 years later I’m still seeking the hard route, after all, in a country where you are the Healthy minority you must #dodifferent You need to find your reason, your WHY for prioritizing your health. You are who you surround yourself with so if everyone is starting an extreme diet, be balanced. If everyone is sitting watching TV shows, get up and move. If everyone is ordering high-calorie meals and drinking sugary drinks, choose otherwise! You know what’s right, just don’t follow the habits and lifestyle of the majority of overweight/obese people who do it wrong. Many asked for a side-by-side so here you go! What’s Your Reason? Plant it and GROW 🌱 #whatsyourreason #whatsyourexcuse #mariakang

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