People are Eating Tide Pods for a New Challenge and it's Gross

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Not only is this gross but it's poisonous!  It's also giving kids a really bad message! People are saying that the Tide Pods look delicious to eat like candy but obviously they are laundry detergent.  Why would Tide make them look so tasty if they didn't want kids to eat them? That's the questions many people are asking.  They might need to revamp the way they look. Super scary. Make sure you talk to your kids about this challenge!

Teens are eating laundry pods in new social media challenge #FACTS JAN. 11, 2018. It’s a social media trend that could quickly turn deadly. Teens are putting #laundrypods into their mouths as part of the “ #TidePodChallenge ,” and if the contents are ingested, the results could land your child or teen in the hospital. The “ #TidePod Challenge” involves teens #eating laundry detergent pods raw or, in some cases, cooking them before eating them. #ConsumerReports released information showing just how deadly doing this can be for adults with dementia and children younger than five. But that doesn’t mean teens are safe. #USAToday reported that last year, poison control centers received more than 10,000 reports of children five years old or younger ingesting the pods. Dr. Alfred Aleguas Jr., the managing director for Florida’s Poison Information Center, told USA Today that swallowing “even a small amount of the highly-concentrated detergent…can cause diarrhea and vomiting.” In some cases, the detergent could even migrate to the lungs, causing breathing problems. Tide has been proactive in keeping their products safe, childproof, and keeping the public informed. In a video uploaded to their official YouTube channel, #Tide shows just how easy it can be to keep the pods away from your children. #NINFONETWORK #FOODNINFO #VEHICLENINFO #ENTERTAINMENTNINFO #FOODANDWINE #FOODNETWORK #BUZZFEED #HUFFPOSTASTE #BUZZFEEDFOOD #LOL #STUPID #MEMES #FUNNY #CNN #CNBC #LONDON #ENEWS #VANITYFAIR #USWEEKLY #OKMAGAZINE

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Apparently teens are eating laundry pods in a new social media 'challenge' called the #TidePodChallenge - Medical experts say the consequences are dire. ARE MEMES TO BLAME?!? Online “memes” feature photos depicting the laundry pods as a pizza topping or breakfast cereal. Videos posted on Twitter appear to show people biting into the detergent pacs and spitting them out. Online users joke about how "tasty" the pods look... even calling them the "forbidden fruit."

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