So My Mom Gave Me An Ad For "Arm Spanx"....

Yesterday I visited my parents and my mom was SO excited to give me an ad she cut out of the paper for "Arm Spanx." I actually LAUGHED when I heard this came out, but apparently it's REAL! (And to be honest, I HATE MY ARMS, always have, always will until I lose the weight and tone up the way I need to.) My Mom has known about my self-consciousness for years, so I think she thought she was helping. I mean.....she means well. LOL 

Check out this video about "arm spanx" below, and the actual hella 90's style ad my mom cut out of the paper for me. Would you try arm-spanx??

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter) 

First of all, this is not a ‘90’s flashback photo. Second, I visited my parents last night and my mom-first thing- said “Sandra, I found this in a magazine and thought you might like it.” Thanks? 😂 #Spanx #BatWings #AwkwardSupport #SheMeansWell

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