Dude Emails Every Girl On Campus Looking For "Claudia From Tinder..."

Hayden Moll was swiping away on Tinder and saw the girl of his dreams.  The only problem was he accidentally swiped left instead of right, signaling that he wasn't interested and sending her back into the far reaches of the social media universe never to be seen again...or so he thought.  Hayden ended up emailing every single Claudia on campus (there were 22 of them) until he found her.  Now they are going on their first date which "may be doughnuts."  A real-life "Tinderella").  Check it out!

This is the photo that made his head spin...

She got the email and immediately went viral on Twitter.

Then. T-Shirts were made...

This will all be gone by Monday.  But until then, Best. Love Story. Ever.

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