Reba McEntire Becomes The First Female Colonel Sanders!

I had NO idea that they tapped famous people to play the Colonel in the KFC commercials (must have been the rock I obviously live under). Guys like George Hamilton, Rob Lowe, and Norm MacDonald have portrayed the icon for YEARS and for the first time ever, they've tapped a woman.  AMAZING! County star Reba McEntire transforms into the Colonel for the new campaign and it's GENIUS. 

"McEntire's outfit has fringe on the back, and a glittery shine, giving the getup "a little bit of the country music flair," she told the Associated Press in an interview. McEntire sings onstage as the Colonel, with a white wig and white facial hair."

McEntire said she found the transformation "was really funny" and that she "got a big kick out of it."  

Love it!

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