Sandy's India Trip- Pics and Video HERE!

How can I write about one of the most amazing trips of my life in simple radio blog?? I really can't. But hopefully these pictures will show you a little bit of what I experienced. I visited India for the first time ever- my dear friend Yash was getting married in Rishikesh. It was one of the most EPIC things I've ever been a part of! To top it off, I was also able to take a walking tour of Old Dehli, and see the Taj Mahal on my last day there. VERY special trip. Exhausting.....exhilarating...and a culture shock in many ways. (I'll just tell you this: we are VERY lucky to have the things we do. Simple things, like housing, warm water, clean food, clean water, etc. Many areas I visited were not this lucky.) But all in all, it was one of the most amazing trips of my life. Got to celebrate a milestone moment with friends from around the world in a beautiful place I will absolutely visit again. 

If you want to see more pictures and video, check out my Instagram here. :)


P.S. One thing I've learned about Indian weddings: they are ALL about food, and dancing. My kinda wedding!! 

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