Teacher at Mt Tam High School says she's being sexual harassed by students

Math/English teacher Eva Rieder teaches at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley and claims that she has been sexual harassed by male students at least a dozen times over her 15-year career and it was time for her to speak out... She expressed that male students have touched her and sent her obscene emails and that the district hasn't done anything to stop it. 

Rieder discussed her sexual harassment claims publicly to the school board on Feb. 6 (see video below) . 

Rieder explained, “I've been slandered by a student spreading rumors that I made a drunken sexual advance on him at a party,” she told the board. “I have been touched more than once by a student who also argues that it's OK to describe his masturbation habits in the classroom.”

See the full story HERE 

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