SF Neighborhood Hit-and-Run caught on tape, luckily no one was hurt!

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We all know people have trouble parking in SF but this wasn't a case of bad parking, this was a hit-and-run! It was all caught on tape too! In the video below you see a SUV speed down the street ramming into the blue little car causing it to go under the small SUV and then backing up and leaving the scene! SF police are asking people to come forward if they can help! 

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Imagine coming out to your parked car like THIS 🤭😩😳?!? This happened in SF’s Glen Park neighborhood. Here’s the shocker neither of these cars were at fault... go to the blog to see the video! 1013.com click Marcus and Sandy! #GlenPark #SFNews #HitandRun #MarcusandSandy #ParkinginSF #SfGate

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ME: Parking has gotten so bad in San Francisco... CROWD: HOW BAD IS IT??? ME: *Shows Photo* courtesy @rachyque #SFLivin #NewMeaningOfDoubleParked #glenpark

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