Waffle House awarded a scholarship, after lending a 'helping hand' to elder

Evoni Williams, 18, was awarded a college scholarship for helping and elderly man with his food... She was working at the Waffle House one Saturday morning  when she noticed an older man with an oxygen tank struggling to cut up his food. He mentioned his hands didn't "work too good" so Evoni without thinking twice lent hers.  She grabbed his plate of ham and cut it up for him. Although it was something so small it meant so much to him. 

A bystander was watching Evoni and snapped a photo of completing this kind gesture and posted it to FB.  The photo went viral being shared over 40,000 times.  The right people saw it and she was awarded a $16,000 scholarship to college! See the video below! 

Remember kindness goes along way!!! 

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